Our Guarantee

Our GUARANTEE or 1 month FREE

  1. You will be allocated a Property Management Specialist who will be your single point of contact at our company.
  2. You will be issued with a direct mobile number and direct email address to contact your property manager. Return contact will be made in 24 hours.
  3. Your Property will be advertised immediately once notice to vacate has been received from an existing Tenant, or when your Property is entrusted to us to locate a suitable Tenant.
  4. A signboard will be erected at your Property, if authorised.
  5. We will access our existing prospective tenant database and arrange inspections by Tenants who are looking to rent within your Property’s price range and location.
  6. Regular contact will be made throughout the pre-lease period to provide an activity update including comments received by prospective Tenants about your Property.
  7. Prospective tenants wishing to rent your house will be passed through our strict pre-approval process to ensure that the information given is accurate, and that the tenant will fulfil all obligations as per the Tenancy Agreement. The full particulars of this pre-approval will be discussed with you.
  8. A detailed Entry Condition Report with photos will be completed prior to the tenants commencement and a copy of this report provided to all parties.
  9. We will not authorise any repairs on your property without your approval. In the event of an emergency situation, we will always act with your property’s best interest in mind, and take appropriate steps to minimise the loss.
  10. We will conduct a thorough internal and external 3-4 month inspection of your Property and provide you with a comprehensive report following each inspection.
  11. Your Property Manager will monitor your rental payments on a daily basis. Any arrears will be actioned accordingly

How are we different from the rest?

  • 100% Property Management Specialists
  • Service Guarantee
  • ONE Point of Contact
  • Business Director conducts your Routine Inspections
  • Strict Rent Arrears Procedure (See Flow Chart)
  • Strict Application Process
  • Commence Lease Renewal Intentions 90 days prior
  • Operate on a Mobile Capacity
  • GUATANTEED Return Contact in 24 hours
  • Contactable Saturday & Sunday
  • Conduct Weekend Viewings
  • On Point Realty Group’s Contractors attend in 24 hours to maintenance
  • Video Marketing (Virtual Tour COMING SOON)
  • Online Owner Portal
  • Fortnightly Release of Funds Available
  • Centrepay – Centrelink Payment Program

Special Conditions

  1. It’s the tenants responsibility to report maintenance at the time of discovery – Neglect may result in the rectification being payable by the Tenant.
  2. Occupants Information: Where the Premises have been assigned to a company; the Tenant agrees to provide in writing, to the Lessor or the Lessors Agent, the names and contact details of any persons that have been authorised to occupy the premises.
  3. Other Vehicles: The Tenant acknowledges that caravans, boats or trailers are not permitted to be parked on or around the property without the prior written consent of the Lessor.
  4. Gas Bottles: If the property has gas bottles the Lessor does not warrant that bottles are full at the commencement of the lease. Any cost associated with filling of the gas bottles are the responsibility of the tenant.
  5. Photography/Video Use: The Tenant acknowledges that photography and or video will be used at the time of inspecting the property for the purpose of reporting information to the Lessor. The Lessors Agent will take all due care to ensure that the Tenants personal effects are excluded where possible.
  6. Air Conditioning: The Tenant acknowledges that the air conditioning filters will require cleaning on a quarterly basis. The Tenant further acknowledges that should they fail to keep the air conditioning filters clean and the air conditioning system fails or is damaged, then the Tenant will be responsible for all costs as a result of their failure to maintain the filters.
  7. Swimming Pool / Spa: The Tenant agrees to provide to the Lessor a certificate from a professional pool operator stating that the pool and all its apparatus/pool equipment, including the filter, are in good working order and in a hygienic safe condition at the end of the lease.
  8. Reticulation: The Tenant agrees to provide to the Lessor or Lessors Agent a certificate from either a professional trades person, landscaper, plumber or reticulation specialist; stating that the reticulation including all fittings are in good working order at the end of the lease.
  9. Release of Keys – End of Tenancy: The Tenant acknowledges that the Lessor or Lessors Agent is not required to release the keys once the Tenant has vacated the property for the purposes of rectifying any discrepancies or breaches noted at the final bond inspection. A carpet cleaning receipt must also be provided with the keys.
  10. The Tenant acknowledges that should a pet be permitted by the Lessor of the property, the tenant will agree to the following:
    1. To make good or compensate the Lessor for damages caused to the property and/or gardens as a result of the pet and,
    2. Have the property fumigated for any parasite/s by a reputable pest control company and provide the Lessors Agent with a receipt.